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Human Machine Interface The user interface: the device that allows interaction between the user and the machine. The terms HMI and "MMI" (Man Machine Interface) are typically used in industrial and process control applications, whereas "user interface" is the common term in business information systems

The combination of menus, screen design, keyboard commands, command language and online help, which creates the way a user interacts with a computer. If input devices other than a keyboard and mouse are required, this is also included. In the future, natural language recognition and voice recognition will become standard components of the user interface.

Because of the steep learning curves users have endured, many are loathe to change applications. While the software industry constantly touts "productivity gains" for every product, the lost hours deciphering pages of directions about how to do something, combined with the gun-shy reluctance to try something new that actually might be an improvement, all result in lost productivity that cannot be measured. If we are ever to make computers usable for the masses, this issue must be addressed

Some of the maojr HMI tool vendors are:

EXOR India Pvt Ltd - developer of the DESIGN tool for UniOP systems

Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc.;

Rockwell Automation, a business of Rockwell International Corp.;

GE Fanuc Automation Corp., a joint-venture between General Electric Co. and

Japan's Fanuc

Australia's Ci Technologies Pty Ltd.

Horner APG

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